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Sofa Beds & Daybeds

Chairs & Ottomans




Achillas Sofa Bed
Achillas Sofa Bed (Fix Cover To Mattress)
Alrik Sofa Bed (Before 2019)
Asger/Argus Daybed (Before 2019)
Aslak Sofa Bed
Asmund Chair (Before 2017)
Asmund Sofa Bed (Before 2017)
Asmund Sofa Bed With Arms (Before 2017)
Balder Sofa Bed
Bifrost D.E.L. Sofa Bed
Bragi Sofa Bed
Bragi Sofa Bed With Side Table 
Butt Beanbag
Cassius D.E.L Sofa Bed
Cassius Quilt Chrome Sofa Bed
Cassius Quilt Wood Sofa Bed
Clubber Sofa Bed
Clubber (Mounting Arms)
Colpus Light & Black Sofa Bed
Conlix Sofa Bed
Conlix Sofa Bed (Fix Cover To Mattress)
Cosial Sofa Bed
Cosial Chair
Cubed 01 90 Chrome (Before 2018)
Cubed 01 90 With Arms (Before 2018)​
Cubed 01 90 Wood (Before 2018)
Cubed 01 140 Wood (Before 2018)

Cubed 01 160 Chrome (Before 2018)
Cubed 02 Alu Sofa Bed
Cubed 02 Sofa Bed With Arms
Cubed 02 Chrome Sofa Bed
Cubed 02 Wood Sofa Bed
Dublexo Pin Chair
Dublexo Sofa Bed
Dublexo Sofa Bed With Arms
Eivor Sofa Bed
Eluma Deluxe Button Sofa Bed
Entice Sofa Bed
Fluxe Chair (Before 2018)
Fiftynine Chair (Before 2017)
Fiftynine Sofa Bed (Before 2017)
Fiftynine With Arms Sofa Bed (Before 2017)
Filuca Sofa Bed
Fix Detachable Cover To Mattress
Fix Back Frame Cover & Mattress To Frame
Fix Seat Frame Cover To Frame
Fraction Sofa Bed
Frigga Sofa Bed (Before 2018)
Frode Sofa Bed 
Frode Sofa Bed (Mounting Arms)
Fuji 120 Sofa Bed (Before 2017)
Fuji 140 Sofa Bed (Before 2017)
Ghia Chrome Daybed
Ghia Haylo Daybed
Ghia Laser Daybed
Ghia Wood Daybed
Grand D.E.L. Sofa Bed
Grand Mounting Upholstered Arms
Gyda Daybed (Before 2019)
Grids Table Large
Grids Table Medium
Grids Table Small