A splash of color in a grey world

CARPE DIEM—Seize the day.
Let’s celebrate life with encouraging colors and patterns.

Our sofa bed collection is intended as inspiration. An invitation to remember the playfulness and the cheerful, joie de vivre expression in our physical surroundings.
It could be a piece of furniture with a colorful textile, or simply be colorful accents in the surroundings that set a different setting for a piece of grey furniture.

Make life colorful, even if times are grey.

Sofa beds designed for everyday use

To make a positive difference we must all consume a little less. It means choosing products that will stand the wear and tear of everyday use, and with an aesthetic character that will stay attractive over time. We constantly work to develop products that will honor the above requirements in such a way that recycled and reusable materials are considered and integrated when possible. We believe that form and function must go hand in hand to create innovative, durable designs for everyday use.




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