T H E   S U S T A I N A B L E   C H O I C E

Eco-friendly & space saving multifunction

The Revivus is designed with attention to environmentally friendly materials, easy maintenance, durability, and the ability to recycle parts at the end of its life cycle.


The Revivus sofa bed

We value a good and lasting environment - in its broadest definition. By carefully selecting environmentally friendly materials that are recycled and renewed the Revivus sofa bed is developed to conduce to the revival of the nature.


Fabric made from recycled bottles

Vivus, is the name of our OEKO-TEX certified fabric made from recycled bottles. The slipcover is simple to detach and reattach, making it easy to clean. If worn out, just renew the cover - not the entire sofa.

One Revivus cover is made of 3.248 kg plastic waste = approximately 148 half-litre plastic bottles. 

OEKO-TEX recycled fiberfill

The cushion fillings are made from OEKO-TEX recycled fiberfill.

Durable metal frame

Using metal for the frame provides a strong and highly durable base protected by a recycled powder coating.

Recycled, granulated foam

The mattress filling is made from a combination of a soft topping of OEKO-TEX certified HR-foam and a core of recycled bonded foam. Bonded foam is made of leftover foam from our own and other productions, which we remould, compress and use again.