Several opportunities on less space.

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O N E  R O O M  L I V I N G

Are you moving in relation to starting a new education programme after the summer holidays?

Starting a new education often involves moving; maybe even getting your first very own apartment.

There are many practical things to consider when packing up the teenage room.
Not least to find room for your furniture in your new housing situation.
You probably find yourself in need of new furniture that accommodate your new needs.

No matter where your new home is located and how it looks, one fact is typically the same – square metres are few.

M O R E  O P T I O N S  -  M O R E  C O M F O R T  

Aslak can be utilized as either a 140 x 200 cm bed or as a sofa to relax
comfortably with your room mates or your partner



A S L A K  S O F A  B E D

Adapt the head elevation to
your preferred position
and put your feed up

When choosing a sofa bed it is important to focus on what the purpose of the design is. Will it be used primary as a sofa, primarily as a bed - or maybe both?

Our Aslak sofa bed design is equipped with a comfortable mattress that makes it perfect as both sofa and everyday bed.

It accommodates 3-4 persons in sofa position and the 140 x 200 cm double bed size makes it perfect for two people to sleep on. When put in bed position, Aslak feature a four-step head elevation that enables comfortable lounging during the day and evening before turning in for a good night’s sleep.

The Aslak sofa bed utilizes space rather than take it. When not using it as a bed you can store beddings, cushions etc. under the bed as it has a small storage solution, effectively allowing you to prioritize space for other functional furniture.

Aslak is designed to adapt to variable living situations and needs. Whether the use situation is lounging with a book, being engaged in conversation, watching Netflix, gaming, entertaining friends, or sleeping. The Aslak design provides the value of being able to live comfortably in small spaces, whether alone or a group of people.
Choose between four types of comfort and a broad selection of fabric types and colors to personalize the sofa bed to your home and personal requirements.


Personal comfort by design

The basic conceptual design idea behind the Innovation Living range of Multifunc­tionals combine handmade mattresses fixed to metal frames with integrated head elevation and wood slats resulting in durable and highly comfortable sofa beds for sitting and sleeping.
The concept is customizable through a series of select mattress types available as well as a wide range of comfort features and interchange­able covers allowing for a personalized sofa bed experience.

We take great pride in our high quality standards and offer lifetime warranty on both slats and gears on all Multifunction­als. Our design ensures that all parts of the sofa can be maintained or worn out parts replaced. Should you decide to part from your Multifunctional sofa bed, disassembly and recycling of all parts is possible. This makes the range not only long lasting but also environmentally responsible.